Mini Guitars | Handmade Soaps

These adorable miniature guitar soaps are handcrafted, poured, and set with love shortly after you place your order. A unique gift for a guitar or music fan. These can make perfect accents as well as fun travel soaps.
Soap Base:
Triple Butter will be a softer solid color.
Olive Oil will be a brighter more transparent color.
Soap Scents and Colors:
Green - 4pc. set is scented with Cucumber Melon.
Yellow - 4pc. set is scented with Banana.
Pink - 4pc. set is scented with Calla Lily.
Blue - 4pc. set is scented with Sea Minerals.
Multi-color - 4pc. each guitar color is scented as above.
If you prefer your soap unscented please just email us after you place your order.
Weight and Size:
The total weight of all soaps is 1.6-1.9oz
Size - Each guitar is approx. 3in x 1in x .5in