About Us

Welcome to Guitar Thread

Hey there fellow music lover!

My name is Steve Carle. I'm the owner of Guitar Thread. I fell in love with music and guitar as a kid of 12 years old when I stumbled into the lobby of my school one afternoon to find a talented young man playing his original songs on his guitar while enjoying the acoustics of the large glass-enclosed lobby. I was completely taken aback by the raw organic sound that filled that lobby. I was determined to learn how to play and he began showing me some basics. Shortly after this I managed to convince my parents to buy me this horribly beat up guitar at a flea market while we were on vacation. I'll never forget that day! I've since bought way too many guitars (if that is even possible) as well as many other assorted instruments.

I continued to enjoy local music and guitar as I pursued my degree in 3D art and design. I've always loved designing and creating since I was very young. I've had the pleasure to work on many incredible projects from architectural, mechanical, airplanes, ships and even repurposed art shows to raise money for Habitat For Humanity.

Guitar Thread was born out of my desire and passion for music and design as well as my desire to connect and meet other music and art lovers. I've since had the joy of meeting musicians and artists around the country as well as having our unique products featured in music stores around the country. 

If you have a band, project, store or event and you think we might be a good fit to network together we would love to hear from you.

Please always feel free to ask for me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a rocking day,
Steve Carle