Limited Edition | Fleur-de-lis | Swarovski™ Crystal Guitar String Bracelet

This bracelet is our new limited-edition handmade Swarovski™ crystal guitar string bracelet. We are making these rare models available as we explore new designs and expand our bracelet line. We can not guarantee how long this particular model will be available. If you have any questions about our bracelets please email us.

The last three beads on either side of the bracelet are Swarovski™ Crystal. We put love and care into all of our handmade music jewelry and can't wait to hear about all the awesome compliments you get!

 Women's Standard Bracelet Size (approx 7.5")
Need a custom size? No problem! Just email us after you place your order. :)

Free Shipping when you spend over 50$. Please allow a day or two for your guitar string bracelet to be handmade. Orders take 5-7 days* to be shipped right to you! (*USA)